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Managing human resource is one of the most significant and challenging task in an organization. To overcome this challenges ‘Smart HRM’ software can be a simple solution that gives you enormous benefit to your firms and meets the requirements of the business.

Key Features: Some of the key features/sub-modules includes-

  • eRecruitment (Resource Requisition, Process, Approval and Hiring)
  • Training (Training Needs, Training Assessment and Allocation)
  • eLeave (Leave Configuration, Leave Calendar, Leave Planner, Leave Process & Approval, Leave Forward and Encashment)
  • Attendance (Real Time Attendance through Biometric device or proximity card or GPRS location, OT Calculation & approval)
  • Evaluation (Appraisal Process, Set KPI, Ratings-Self/Peer/Supervisor/Management and Result)
  • Dashboard